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And so as adversaries do in law, strive mightily, but eat and drink as friends. 
William Shakespeare, 1564-1616, The Taming of the Shrew.


So much much of life is trying to get financial security and to keep it.  This is the goal of almost all estate planning.

We’ve drafted hundreds and hundreds of estate plans for regular middle class people and for people of substantial means.  Every estate plan we do is only done after a complete understanding of the client’s specific, individual needs.  Our goal is not just to provide a client with a comprehensive estate plan suited to their own needs, it is to educate them to the process of estate planning and why we do it.  People have various levels of understanding and sophistication and our goal is to not just advise people what we believe is the appropriate plan, we want them to understand why.

The basics:  Almost every adult should have a Will, Power of Attorney for financial matters, a Power of Attorney for Health Care, a Living Will, and, if they have real estate, a homestead declaration.  Often times a trust might be useful.  Te primary goals of the client, such as avoiding probate, Medicaid planning (nursing home planning) or estate taxes, or all of the above would be important in deciding if a trust is necessary, and, if so, what type of trust.  We believe a client should have at least a  basic understanding of what a trust is, whether or not they need one.  Often times a trust is unnecessary and not appropriate to the situation. 

Some clients have a variety of property, small business, corporations, rental property, trusts from other estates, stocks and other investments, all of which we have dealt with for many years. 
One other very real concern, especially for parents of children, is who will care for their children if they die or become disabled.  Even young adults still need guidance and usually need some protection from bad investments or simply from the irresponsible use of money.  All of these issues can and should be addressed in an estate plan.
Our view is that every person should have an estate plan that meets their needs, but not any more than needs their needs.  Our goal is in general not to make things more complicated than they need be.
Estate planning law is critical, not just to ensure that assets are protected and that loved ones get as much of an estate as possible, but a well crafted estate plan also minimizes litigation between children and other relatives.

We enjoy this area of the law immensely.  It can be difficult to contemplate one’s own death, but both the client and the lawyer share a deep sense of contentment when a client knows their “affairs are in order.”


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