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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke, 1729-1797.



Carl D'Angio has handled approximately two thousand bankruptcy cases, representing individuals and small businesses in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court since the 1980’s. 

We are not a “factory.”  Even though we’ve handled so many cases, they have been over two decades, and we’ve prided ourselves on our individual service.  There are firms – good firms – who file two thousand cases every year or two.  We never want people or businesses to get lost between the cracks or feel that they are “just a number.”  We prefer to give them the hands on service that is difficult with a “bankruptcy mill.” 

What’s more the client gets the decade of over two decades of hands on bankruptcy experience.  With the recent downturn in the economy, many lawyers with no experience are suddenly deciding they are bankruptcy attorneys, even though bankruptcy is not something one can dabble in.   If someone decided to have eye surgery, they’d want to know how many such surgeries the doctor had performed and over how long a period.  We are confident, based on that test, that we easily meet that test.  Our clients seem to agree, as many, many of our clients come from referrals from satisfied clients.

He's a proud member of NACBA, the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, a network of bankruptcy attorneys who consult almost every day over the latest and most complex issues in personal and small business bankruptcy.   Most people who seek advice as to Bankruptcy or other debt related problems are extremely stressed out and desperate for help.  Often they take actions that later prove ill advised and may make their situation worse.  Waiting until the last minute to at least consult with an attorney is often very regrettable because the results can be felt for years, such as when somebody unwisely transfers real estate(don’t do it without advice from a bankruptcy lawyer- a regular lawyer without expertise will not do - it can cost you all the equity in your house!)  or drains their IRA or 401(k) to pay debt, or takes any other dramatic action.    Generally all bankruptcy consultations are free so delaying has no financial risk and only huge benefit.  The worst case scenario is that you will learn a little about how the whole process works.

People hesitate to contact a lawyer for many reasons but biggest among these is shame and fear.  What makes Bankruptcy and debt related law practice so rewarding is that we  almost always can find a way to give people the real hope of a “fresh start.”   There is nothing more satisfying than having a person leaving our office after an hour meeting with a plan as to how we’re going to deal with their financial woes.   More often than not the person regrets not having come in earlier.  Financial problems can cause people health and marital problems that are almost unbearable. 

People also have all sorts of false assumptions about bankruptcy.  They think they won’t have good credit for a long time (false) that they will never be able to buy a house or condo (false) or refinance their existing mortgage (false).  They also have all sorts of assumptions as to what does and doesn’t happen in bankruptcy.  Many of these assumptions come from well-meaning but ill-advised friends and family.   The Bankruptcy Code is very complicated and every person has different circumstances.  What might not work for one person might work perfectly for another.   The best way to get real answers to a person’s individual situation is to come in and have a no-obligation consultation with Carl D’Angio.  If Bankruptcy is the best choice, he will tell you and he will tell you which chapter.  If there’s a better option, he will also tell you that.  The most important thing is to have a comprehensive and effective strategy so that the client can have a “fresh start”, the phrase that occurs over and over again in the Bankruptcy Code.

Usually what we do when we are consulted for financial issues is we make an appointment a week or two later.   We immediately send out a short questionnaire which will ask the client to gather the basic information so Attorney D'Angio can give the client a fair and reasonable opinion as to the best approach.  The client brings the questionnaire to the free meeting and we go over the entire situation in detail.  We almost always need additional information but it is rare that we can't get a handle on the situation and the best approach. 

Many people today have problems with houses and condominiums and their mortgage companies.  Many people have crushing credit card and medical bills.  Many people have financial troubles due to divorce or family law issues.   Some people have gambling or drug addiction or tried to make a business work but it just couldn’t survive for a many different reasons.  We have seen all of these situations many times before.  Many times several of these situations all occur in the same bankruptcy.

People with specific questions are invited to review our Frequently Asked Questions page on this web site.  This is just a small sample of some of the issues you might have in your case.  Please send us an email and set up a free appointment to go over your particular situation before you take any other actions. 

For further information contact us at DANGIOLAW@aol.com