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This is the hardest of all: to close the open hand out of love,
and keep modest as a giver.
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche, 1844-1900.


Carl D'Angio has more than 20 years experience handling probate, divorce and family court matters.  He has handled hundreds of divorces and settled hundreds of estates.  Although these types of cases may on their faces seem different they both involve sometimes complicated legal issues often combined with agonizing family issues.  Whenever it is necessary to bring the courts into complex family relationships it is vital to have both the intellectual capacity, the litigation skills and the interpersonal abilities to effectively represent clients.  Attorney D'Angio has undergraduate degrees in counseling and psychology which he uses every day, from negotiating, to determining how most effectively to present evidence to a judge or jury.

Divorce, guardianships, custody related matters and all similar type cases can be the most stressful of any cases in any court.  While a full blown trial may be necessary, one must look at all the related costs: not just financial but personal and familial as well.  Our view is that in the family law context lawyers should be peacemakers if at all possible.  If a reasonable and equitable solution can be found without the necessity of a trial, then the only person who benefits from a trial is the lawyer trying it.  One of the most important things we offer our clients is our objectivity.  Having shepherded many people through this process it critical that we constantly remind our clients to prioritize.  A client has to decide what things are most important to them and are worth fighting for, versus those things that ultimately are less significant.  Some things are absolutely critical, are worth fighting for, and if we are going to fight, it is our job to zealously litigate whatever those issues are.

Likewise, in the case of estates, when somebody passes away they leave numerous financial and legal issues, but they often leave a devastated family.  It is a situation that can often lead to a family disintegrating when it most needs to be together. 

Probate and family law matters usually involve many legal areas, whether it be real estate, tax, trusts and estate planning, family business, asset valuation, debt management, contract and corporate law, and virtually any area of the law.  Carl D'Angio has the broad knowledge of all these areas of law to effectively represent clients in these areas.

Because Family and Probate law is more emotional than any other area of the law, it is critical that the client and their lawyer are on "the same page."  As such, particularly in the divorce context, all consultations are free and Attorney D'Angio never takes a case on the day he first meets a client. 

A client may be in great distress but Attorney D'Angio wants the client to really reflect upon their choice and encourages the client to discuss the matter with other lawyers.  D'Angio Law's commitment to our clients even extends to those situations where another attorney would better meet their needs, as we believe is required by the Lawyer's Code of Ethics. 

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