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God hath sifted a nation that he might send choice grain into this wilderness. 
William Stoughton, (Sermon at Boston) 1631-1701.


Attorney D’Angio has litigated a broad variety of matters, and has an extensive network of other Attorneys in very specified cases.  He has litigated real estate disputes, personal injury cases, family law disputes, will contests, divorces, civil rights cases, assault and battery, breach of contract, consumer protection cases and many other types of cases.  The following are just a sampling:

The following are examples of some of Attorney D'Angio's cases:

1. After several days of trial, settled a case in the very high six figures for a client who alleged that relatives had defrauded him of his home and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

2. After a multi-day jury trial a civil jury awarded a significant sum to a client who was beaten by a former girlfriend’s new boyfriend with a racial motivation.  The jury awarded the client, who was black, against the Defendant, who was white, damages not only for Assault and Battery, but for Civil Rights violations.  The Court ordered the payment of Attorney’s fees as well.

3. After an arbitration hearing, a client was awarded a significant sum after she
fell due to a very defective stairway in a restaurant/pub.  Attorney D’Angio had successful sought and obtained an attachment on the establishment’s liquor license by proving, through his knowledge of the building code, that the stairs must have been defective, even though the defective stairs had already been replaced at the time the client hired D’Angio Law Offices.

4. After a multi-day jury trial received a six-figure breach of contract and consumer protection judgment for a homeowner against a contractor who had defrauded her and grossly mishandled a construction job for which he had been hired.  The Court ordered the contractor to pay Attorney’s fees as well under the Consumer Protection Statute.

5. In another case against a contractor who defrauded a homeowner and grossly mishandling the construction of a brand new home for the Client, after 4-5 days of trial, the Court issued a six-figure judgment against the contractor, plus multiplied the damages due to violations of the Consumer Protection Statute, and also awarded Attorney’s fees.

6. After a multi-day jury trial he received a sizeable verdict for a young woman permanently injured when her car was hit by a tractor trailer.

7. He received a judgment from a jury for a contractor who was seeking payment from a homeowner who attempted to avoid payment by claiming the work had not been done correctly.

8. In defending at a jury trial that involved a family dispute between an adult parent and adult child involving a contract dispute received a judgment that was one-third of the amount claimed.

9. Received a significant settlement on the eve of trial from a major supermarket chain for a woman who went into anaphylactic shock after she had ingested mis-labeled bread to which she was highly allergic after she specifically inquired of the bakery staff as to its contents.

10. He settled a significant claim against a fast food restaurant after a small child at a birthday party suffered a major laceration and severed a muscle in his forehead due to the negligence of employees which caused a table to overturn and permanently injure the boy.

11. Received a settlement from one of the largest employers in Massachusetts for a sexual harassment claim wherein a male supervisor was relentlessly requesting sex from a gay female employee.

12. Received a settlement from an employer for a sexual harassment claim wherein the owner of the company harassed a heterosexual male employee with false allegations and innuendo as to the employee's sexual preference and otherwise created a hostile work environment.

13. He received a settlement prior to trial from a real estate title insurer for failure to pay a claim under M.G.L. c. 176D.

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