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And so as adversaries do in law, strive mightily, but eat and drink as friends. 
William Shakespeare, 1564-1616, The Taming of the Shrew.


Attorney Carl D'Angio has been involved in virtually every phase of real estate for many years.  The most significant asset most  people have is their home.  Nothing is more upsetting than selecting a contractor to do major or even minor construction on one's home only to have the process quickly turn into a nightmare.  Attorney D'Angio as an attorney with significant real estate and litigation experience, and as both a licensed real estate broker and a license construction supervisor has all the skills and knowledge necessary to zealously represent homeowners or accused contractors in these disputes.

Massachusetts Law places a great burden on home improvement contractors.  They must rigidly adhere to a specific requirement for every contract on a residence in the state or they bear the possibility of violating the Massachusetts Consumer Protection stature, which is known as Chapter 93A.  This statute is a powerful tool that makes it possible for homeowners to get double or even triple damages, plus the repayment of attorney's fees for contractors who's actions are found to be fraudulent or deceptive.

The following are just two of the successes we’ve had litigating in this area:

1. After a multi-day jury trial received a six-figure breach of contract and consumer protection judgment for a homeowner against a contractor who had defrauded her and grossly mishandled a construction job for which he had been hired.  The Court ordered the contractor to pay Attorney’s fees as well under the Consumer Protection Statute.

2.  In another case against a contractor who defrauded a homeowner and grossly mishandling the construction of a brand new home for the Client, after 4-5 days of trial, the Court issued a six-figure judgment against the contractor, plus multiplied the damages due to violations of the Consumer Protection Statute, and also awarded Attorney’s fees.

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