D'Angio Law Offices

Law: an ordinance of reason for the common good, made
by him who has care of the community. 
St. Thomas Aquinas, 1227-1274. 


Carl Emilio D'Angio Jr., Esquire
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We believe that, even in this age of increased specialization, everybody wants and needs their own lawyer just like they want and need their own doctor.  We know that clients take comfort in knowing that they have their own lawyer who they can rely on, and who will be there at every turn in the road.  We take greater pride in being able to say we represent that person and knowing we will always put that person's needs and wants first in our minds.  It is an honor to zealously represent our clients in that way.  There is very little in civil law that we have not run across, and, if not, we invariably know experts on the subject.

Being a lawyer is the greatest career in the world.  We have the chance to fully use our intellect, but in ways that really make a difference in a person's day-to-day life.  It could be making sure that their assets get to their family in the most efficient way if they die.  It could be protecting them as they buy a house, the biggest investment they'll make.  It could be setting up a corporation or otherwise advising them.  It could be when they are at their lowest, when they are getting divorced, having been in a terrible accident, are insolvent and need to file bankruptcy or having just lost a family member.  At every turn in the road we get the opportunity to be there.  One of the reasons that some people have a poor opinion of lawyers is that they only see lawyers when something bad has happened.  We understand that, but still see nothing but an opportunity to make the situation as good as it can be.

Ultimately, we describe ourselves as a broad general civil practice.  In our minds, lawyers should be the peacemakers in society.  Lawyers should try to use their intellectual and personal skills to try and reach consensus among reasonable people.  We also realize that consensus can't always be reached and all people are not reasonable.  Other times there are reasonable people on both sides of an issue but still consensus or settlement can't be reached.  The only approach thereafter is to take the matter to Court.  Others may disagree, but in our view, "real lawyers go to court."  We need, and we have, the ability to take a matter from an original phone call or meeting with a client all the way to a jury verdict.  Without that ability we would just be paper tigers.  Most of our clients don't end up needing to get a jury verdict, and it's precisely because we're willing to go to that length.  The world is littered with lawyers who claim to "fight" for their clients, but rarely if every see the inside of a courtroom.  We are not those lawyers.